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Help at UNAVCO

Visit UNAVCO's Outage Status Home Page for a schedule of upcoming planned maintenance activities or current Internet connectivity issues that may be impacting UNAVCO web or ftp servers. The Outage Status Home Page is maintained outside of UNAVCO's facilities and status updates will be posted on that site during any planned or unplanned outage.

UNAVCO provides multiple ways to get help that are documented on this page, including:

Also see our Glossary of geodetic terms and related support technology terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit the appropriate FAQ area for more information about the extent of support and services offered at UNAVCO:

Knowledge Base

Explore our Knowledge Base, for technical information spanning GNSS receiver use, monumentation, software, data processing, and more.

Request Support

Request Support from UNAVCO. To ensure the quickest response, use this form for any support request including proposal development, budgets, campaign data collection, permanent station installation and maintenance, network monitoring, archiving, education and outreach programming, etc.

When not requesting formal UNAVCO project support and looking to ask general support questions related to UNAVCO activities, see the sections below for specific areas of interest. If you can't figure out what area of interest you would like to inquire about, email supportunavco.org.

Help by Section

For quick questions or comments regarding our main site Sections, first visit the specific Help page for that Section or use the associated e-mail address.

visit first: Help with Section Section E-mail Address notes
Help with Community Connections communityunavco.org  
Help with Projects projectsunavco.org  
Help with Instrumentation instrumentationunavco.org  
Help with Data dataunavco.org see other specialized Data emails below
Help with Software softwareunavco.org see other specialized Software emails below
Help with Science Connections scienceunavco.org  
Help with Education educationunavco.org  

Still unsure? Then email helpunavco.org.

Specialized Email Lists:

Email scienceunavco.org — for media related questions about UNAVCO.

Email webmasterunavco.org — for problems, comments, or questions specifically regarding UNAVCO's Web site.

Other specialized email lists:

specialized Data e-addresses when to use
rtgpsunavco.org to request account for real-time data access
archive-gpsunavco.org for GPS/GNSS data archiving
archive-sarunavco.org for SAR data archiving, mission tasking
archive-tlsunavco.org for TLS data archiving
archive-strainunavco.org for surface laser and borehole strainmeter (BSM) data archiving questions
archive-seismicunavco.org for borehole seismometer data archiving questions
archive-tiltunavco.org for borehole tilt data archiving questions
web-services-devunavco.org for web service questions
specialized Software e-addresses when to use
teqcunavco.org for any question regarding teqc software
dataworksunavco.org for any question regarding Dataworks data management software

Still unsure? Then email helpunavco.org.

Staff Listing

If you know who you need to contact at UNAVCO, see our Staff Directory for email or telephone information.

Community Mail Lists

UNAVCO provides community mailing lists for a variety of purposes, including announcements to and discussions amongst the community at large on a variety of topics. Archives of these lists' activity are available online. The following list shows examples of some of the topics available for subscription.

If you are interested in subscribing or unsubscribing to one of our community mailing lists, send an email to LISTNAME-request@postal.unavco.org. Put the word subscribe or unsubscribe in your email subject. For more email commands that can be sent to our lists see: Email commands quick reference. There is also a web interface for managing your email subscriptions, preferences, and accessing list archives at: https://postal.unavco.org/mailman/listinfo/LISTNAME

List Description
unav_all UNAVCO Community mail list
edu-learning announcements from UNAVCO Education & Community Engagement
unav-data announcements from UNAVCO Data group

Community Forums

The UNAVCO Community Forums provide online web-based forums where discussions can take place and be browsed. Feel free to request a new forum for a topic of interest to you and the UNAVCO Community by sending an email to webmasterunavco.org.


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