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UNAVCO periodically publishes outreach materials such as one-pagers or brochures highlighting available services and community science, as well as producing a few promotional giveaways that can be used for learning more about geodesy.

Animations & Videos

We create and curate Animations and Videos, in partnership with many organizations, to promote Earth science learning, share UNAVCO services, and inspire the next generation of our workforce. Explore our full suite of videos on the UNAVCO YouTube channel.


Explore the impact of geophysics month by month with our calendar products, starting in 2018.

Educational Giveaways

A number of Educational Giveaways are available to educators, including UNAVCO Global Data Rulers, Velocity Map Posters, infographics, and PBO-52 Playing Cards. Educators can request these materials either separately or as our UNAVCO Educator Packet, which includes the previously listed materials plus a calendar and stickers.

Hands-on Demonstrations

UNAVCO staff provide Hands-on Demonstrations that help immerse students in Earth processes. Explore demos about glacial isostasy, early warning systems, and more!


In our Infographics area, you will find a number of engaging infographics visually explaining GPS, InSAR, and other areas of geodesy. These are great for use in classrooms or presentations.

Interactive Data & Mapping Tools

Interactive Data & Mapping Tools help illustrate our dynamic Earth and other worlds using geodetic and other geologic datasets such as GPS, InSAR, and environmental data. Interactive pages provide short discovery activities to learn about the power needed to run scientific instruments through the Antarctic winter, the geology of Blue Ridge mountains and the Shenandoah National Park in Virgina, and more!


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